I would like to help as many people as possible. I operate on the basis of a call out fee + a modest hourly rate to search for a lost item. For more valuable items or very special items or for items that are difficult to find, I am often paid a bonus which is appreciated.  In thinking about my fees or a bonus you might like to take into account  replacement cost, excess on insurance, the cost of many other trades or the cost of hiring a detector and of course the sentimental value of a special piece. ​

Basic Fees

Below are the fees for a basic search e.g. a ring recently lost in a garden in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. 

  • Call out fee $25 (for most Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne the fee includes up to 25 km travel one way from Wheelers Hill) +
  • A rate of $25 / hour for a “normal / straight forward search (see below for additional fees which may apply).
  • For high value items some people prefer to pay an agreed reward if the item is found. A call out fee and other costs for additional travel etc still applies. 
  • Call me to discuss your situation.

additional fees

Every job is different, and some are more difficult or urgent, or just require more time to complete (see situations below). The following additional charges may apply.  After discussing your situation I am happy to provide a verbal estimate or written quote via email or text.

  • Urgent or after hours. Call out fee + $20.
  • Additional travel (above 25 km one way) e.g. western suburbs of Melbourne or regional areas of Victoria – $0.50 / km e.g. for Phillip Island which is 100 km from Wheelers Hill the call out fee is made up of – call out $25 (includes first 25 km) + additional travel 75 km @$0.50 / km = $37.50 for a total of $67.50.
  • Large areas (beach, parks, sporting fields, paddocks, walk ways). Maximum 4 hours.
  • Water (about thigh deep only). Call out  fee + $20. Maximum 4 hours.
  • Difficult conditions e.g. rain, snow, very low or high temperatures, tall grass / plants, long lost items, high metal trash areas. Call out fee + $20. Maximum 4 hours.
  • Parking and tolls at cost e.g. parking fees at the beach may apply. Toll fees only for urgent jobs.
  • Longer jobs where overnight stays are required. Accommodation and meals at cost.
  • Metal detector introductory lessons or metal detector hands on experience. Call out fee of $25 + other travel costs etc + $75 for 3 hours or $150 for 6 hours. Maximum 2 people.
  • Gold on private property. Normally based on an agreed share of gold.  After discussion a written agreement can be provided for the property owners consideration.
  • Government or Business work by negotiation.

Discounts and other Savings

After conducting the search Pensioner discounts may apply.

Where possible I will look for savings e.g. I will try and tie in a regional Victorian trip with a club outing into the Golden Triangle.