about metal detector guy?

Hi - i am Paul

I have been metal detecting for jewelry, coins, gold and relics  for 15 years.  

Having the experience and latest equipment means I have a high level of success  at finding recently lost rings and other items.

I enjoy recovering lost jewelry for people and it gives me something satisfying to do in retirement.  

I hold a Victorian Miners Right and have been in a metal detecting club since I took up the hobby.


Many of my customers have spent hours on their hands and knees looking for a lost object in the garden or at the beach.  It is surprising how quickly a ring will disappear in grass, mud or sand.

Hiring a detector is relatively costly and most inexperienced users struggle with the numerous settings and knowing what targets to dig and which to ignore.

If you hire me you get a trustworthy, experienced operator who will go the extra mile to recover a lost item.


When you are asking someone to find your valuable item trust is very important. These are some things I will and won’t do.

  • I will only ask customers to advise  the location of the lost item on the day of the search.
  • I will ask that the customer accompanies me during the search.
  • I will show customers any others finds on the day.
  • I will respect the area I am detecting in and leave it as I found it.