Customer reviews

When I first spoke to Paul, I found him to be understanding and helpful. Paul was able to meet me in the suspected oval a week after I lost my engagement, maternity and wedding ring (all joined together). He met me whilst it was raining and he was determined to find my rings. Through Paul's perseverance, determination and good will he found my rings for me. I am forever thankful and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs his help. Thank you Paul.
I remain incredibly grateful to Paul for finding my engagement ring. We traced back to possible locations where it could have come off, and I was over the moon when he found it in the sandpit.
Port Melbourne
I was extraordinarily grateful to find Paul who responded to my call for help very quickly and was able to find my wedding ring within 45 minutes on a very large football field with long grass. His professionalism and methodical approach paired with an expert knowledge of his metal detecting equipment proved invaluable.
Eltham Park